MY TRIP TO FINLAND (September 2nd - 12th, 2016)

Many thanks to all of you who prayed for its success. I was hosted by Kari Niemi – The ICEJ National Executive Coordinator for Finland. He drove for the 2,000 + kilometers which we covered for the 8 days we were on the road. Our goal was to create a greater awareness of ICEJ work in Finland and solicit for partners for the work. It was our goal to bless the people spiritually everywhere we went which we did. Some got saved, some got filled with the Holy Spirit, others were revived and some committed to partner with ICEJ in Finland.
The ICEJ office in Finland arranged for me to preach at the following churches in the cities indicated, which I did:
1. Methodist Church in HELSINKI (the Capital City of Finland) on Sunday September 4th in the morning.
2. Methodist Church in TAMPERE (a city North of Helsinki) on the same Sunday September 4th in the evening.
3. Lutheran Church of Joutjaervi in the city of LAHTI on September 5th.
4. Pentecostal Church in the city of MIKKELI September 6th at 6pm. Here a former muslim got baptized in the Holy Spirit that evening. Spiritual gifts were activated and an old man visiting from another city who fell on the floor as the power of God arrested him rose up later, took the microphone and began to give accurate prophesy.
5. Evangelical Free Church in the city of SAVOLINNA on September 7th at 6pm. We have to drive for hours from one city to another. Here many senior people addicted to one thing or the other were delivered. A few young girls who showed up were baptized in the Holy Spirit and were still on the floor when I left the church auditorium.
6. Evangelical Free Church in the City of JOENSUU on September 8th at 6.30pm.
7. Pentecostal Church in the city of LIEKSA on September 9th.
8. Israel and Prayer Conference in the city of KAJAANI at 10am, 2pm and 6pm on September 10th. Each session was unique. I had to stop the last session not long after I started when my interpreter’s heart was melted by the Holy Spirit, he began to sob uncontrollably and could not continue to interpret. Almost everyone in the conference broke down in tears.
9. Evangelical Free Church in the city of KOUPIO at 11.00am on September 11th. We drove for about 3 hours here to the city of Helsinki so I could catch my flight the next day at 6.45am back to Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

NB: Though I left Finland on Monday September 12th to return to Nigeria my experiences in Finland will never leave me. I left a piece of my heart there.
Thanks for your prayers. We need to pray the more for a heaven-sent revival in Finland among the youths and children and be ready to do whatsoever the Lord would want you to do.
Rev. Dr. Mosy U. Madugba
(ICEJ Director for Nigeria & Coordinator for African Continent)