In 1980 the Knesset of Israel passed a motion declaring Jerusalem the  Eternal and Undivided Capital of the Jewish people. As a consequence,  and in protest, thirteen foreign nations withdrew their embassies to Tel  Aviv. A number of Christians living in and outside of Israel at that  time were greatly concerned and provoked by this “protest”, especially  since many of the countries involved were Christian. They therefore  decided that the time had come for Christians all over the world to take  a stand on this issue. Jerusalem had only been the capital of one  people, the Jewish people. Three thousand years of unbroken Jewish  relationship with the city certainly qualified the modern State of  Israel to declare the City its Capital.


Thus it was in September 1980 that the International Christian  Embassy Jerusalem was founded and opened in defence of a Jewish  Jerusalem and in solidarity with it. Since then, the ICEJ has held true to its mandate but it has also founded itself upon some key principles. These are:


1. That Jerusalem is and should remain the eternal and undivided  capital of Israel. This is not only historically true but also  biblically true;

2. That Christians should repent of their awful engagement with  and persecution of the Jews and become a source of comfort, help and  blessing to them. Isaiah 40:1-2 became the Biblical endorsement of this  principle;

3. That Christians should stand for the right of Israel to exist  in peace and security in the land eternally bequeathed to them by God  Himself;

4. That Christians should fight all forms of anti-Semitism and do  whatever they can to be of practical help to the Nation of Israel;

5. That Christians everywhere should regularly pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).


For twenty-seven years, the Christian Embassy has held fast to  these principles. From very small beginnings in September 1980, the ICEJ  has grown to become a global organization reaching into the four  corners of the earth. Nothing demonstrates this more than its annual  Christian Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. This unique event,  now Israel’s biggest tourist event and solidarity mission, brings  Christians from more than one hundred nations in their thousands to  Jerusalem. Here in Zion they publicly declare their love and support for  Israel with a colourful march through the city and with a spectacular  music and worship event in the Jerusalem Convention Center. Most of all  they ascend to Zion to pray for the embattled Jewish State. They come  from far distant countries like Nepal, Fiji and Taiwan all because they  want Israelis to know that they are not alone and have true friends in  the nations.


Today the ICEJ is proud to affirm its commitment to Jerusalem  and Israel. This commitment has been unwavering and steadfast and has  been lived out by the ICEJ’s Social Assistance Program that has impacted  almost every city, town and village in Israel; the Aliyah program that  has to date assisted some 100,000 Jews, mainly from the former Soviet  Union to come home.

ICEJ Nigeria was established to pursue the same central aims and objectives within Nigeria.  You are invited to be part of it.

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