Brief History Of Ministers Prayer Network

Ministers Prayer Network (MPN) started officially on January 18,  1995, with a simple and humble beginning. A few willing ministers of  the gospel and some church workers, numbering between forty and sixty,  gathered in response to the invitation of Rev. Mosy U. Madugba at  Cornerstone Foundation Hall, No.2B Ozuzu Close, D/Line in Port Harcourt,  Rivers State, Nigeria. This group was mainly made up of leaders of some  ancillary ministries to the church.

Aims And Objectives Of MPN

The aims and objectives are to create a network of well  coordinated forum for prayers, strong and dynamic biblical leadership in  the Body of Christ.  To provide a network of platforms where those who  minister from the altar, and/or in the fields, can come together and  speak the bare truth to themselves. In sincerity and simplicity, they  will  rebuke, exhort and pray for one another;  basically as a family of  brothers and sisters, without any religious stratifications or  classifications.


 Recently, the Holy Spirit led us to wake up Christians in the  family of God to  effectively guard the spiritual gates of their  families, cities, states, nations and continents for the Kingdom.  The  forum therefore is aimed at raising and training men/women as prophetic  gatekeepers to man their gates at all levels.

We have seen God awakening us to play the role of spiritual  midwives to help the Church in travail to give birth to the glorious  Church with an Apostolic and Prophetic mandate as we march to the end of  the age.  We therefore help the Church to understand what God’s agenda  is for her in this season and to know the challenges facing her as she  flows in this prophetic and apostolic era.  Through the Conferences  and/or the seminars and training sessions of the network, we bring to  the understanding of the Church what the prophetic and apostolic era  entails.

MPN provides a forum for those in ministry, laity and clergy  inclusive, in  neighbourhoods and cities all over the world to pursue  the following aims and objectives:

1.Come together as brothers and sisters to frankly encourage, pray  for and mutually release grace to one another so that we can have  corporate growth and maturity, without stifling, but enhancing  individual initiatives in pursuit of excellence in ministry.

2.Discover the areas we have strong graces in ministry and focus  our energy on those areas, as against having a long list of too many  things to be done by one person or ministry that never gets done  properly.

3. Be encouraged and helped to carry our families along in ministry.

4. Pray and work for the healing of our cities, nations and society until the required positive changes occur.

5. Discover what the divine calendar of God is for our generation and  personally pursue such as well as encourage others to do same.

6. Help Christian elders in the cities to wake up to their spiritual  responsibilities and meet regularly so as to fulfill their divine roles;  like keeping spiritual surveillance over their cities.  Establish  Christian Elders Forum in cities where none exists.  Functions of such  City Elders Forum are written in appendix 1,  towards the end of the MPN  Handbook.

7. Work together and encourage member ministers to turn the numerous people in our congregations into true disciples of Christ.

8. Provide up to date training for one another so that we can be  relevant and effective in a changing world by organizing regular  seminars, trainings, workshops and conferences.


Network with other prayer movements in our various countries, or in  our continents; like Intercessors for Nigeria, Intercessors For Africa,   Intercessors for America (IFA), National Pastors Prayer Network, (NPPN)  USA, Elijah List, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ),  etc., to bring about a global prayer effort that is needed to finish the  unfinished task.  This is achieved by informing and encouraging members  of the network to travel out to other states and other nations to  attend and participate in such prayer and Christian Leadership  Conferences that will enable them network with other Kingdom minded  Christians in leadership positions.

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