Today, I invite you to courageously beat stagnation, routine, religious traditions of man, loss of prophetic insight and old wineskin mindset and move on with the Holy Spirit to that which is most current in the Agenda of the Most High God. Before the enemy raised terrorists after his kind, heartless armed robbers, enlightened difficult occult men and women, Satanists of various shades, God knew and made a plan to take care of them all. The current prophetic and apostolic season has come with grace to judge prophetically every evil on earth, crush the forces of darkness in warfare and apostolically open all national, continental and global closed doors.

We are in one of the most powerful and exciting time in Church history. The Protestants, Evangelicals, holiness generation, the power healing generation, Pentecostals, latter rain generation, the Charismatic group and the faith generation all had good times, but nothing comparable to the potential spiritual provisions of the current apostolic and prophetic season.

I encourage you to keep reading from this site and discover for yourself what the season has for you and go ahead to enjoy all of it! You are programmed to create a new history. You must not fail. Generations come and go, empires rise and fall, some excel while others fail depending on choices they made at crucial moments in history!


The Reconciliation Visit of Rev. Dr. Mosy and Rev. Mrs. Chinyere Madugba to Wailing Women Worldwide.

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