#D_globalrevivalcatalyst.Today we celebrate a living legend and a man of global impact. Rev. Prof. Mosy Madugba, an authentic father of fathers, an authentic teacher of teachers, an authentic Apostle and Prophet. Bringing deliverance, healing, signs and wonders to cities and nations.
A global revivalist, a pillar and a global voice in the body of Christ and the nations at large, a living legend worthy of emulation, an uncommon coach and trainer, a global leader and icon of revival and reformation.
A great husband, lover and father to his family, an exemplary leader and a man of great faith. A resilient visionary and reformer, a path finder and trailblazer of the gospel, a true apostle and disciple of our lord Jesus Christ. A great general in God’s end time army, a voice to presidents and world leaders.
Rev. Prof Mosy Madugba, you have been a phenomenon blessing to the body of Christ, to cities, nations and to the globe at large.We prophesy, fresh oil, renewal of your strength, unusual open doors to you, our global Daddy of no regrets.
WE LOVE AND CELEBRATE YOU DADDY!!!!!                                                                    #MPNfamily


You are a unique leader of leaders, a mentor of mentors all over the world. You have been a phenomenon blessing to the body of Christ, to cities, nations and to the Globe.
Daddy, you are indeed an uncommon gift to me, a living legend and a man of global impact.

#Uniquespiritualfather #D_globalrevivalcatalyst
Rev. Prof Mosy U. Madugba.

From Howells- Nworie Okechukwu                                                                          (MPN_I.T personnel)



To the most amazing Dad in the world, thank you so much for being there for me and for encouraging me to work harder. I know I would not be who I am if not for all your words of wisdom and encouragement. Happy birthday Dad!

From Jearo and Conglomerates


Hallelujah! Today our Global Daddy turns 61. On this special day I celebrate an Icon, a general in God’s army, a Pathfinder, a Trailblazer, a global voice, an Enigma, a quintessential life Coach, a Father of fathers, a Pastor- Apostle-Prophet- Evangelist, A one-man squad, a molder of destinies, a great family man, & above all a Passionate lover of God & people. Dad, I lack space to express all that you are to me & to millions around the world. I glorify God for His faithfulness in your life. He has made you a tree of life. It is indeed a great privilege & an honor to be part of your life. Thank you so much sir. Eternity alone can tell of your impact & your reward. May God who has shown Himself mighty in you continue to keep you strong & fresh for our generation. Happy Birthday Global Daddy. I love you scatter. 

Pst. Tony & Blessing Madugba


Happy birthday to my one and only Sweetheart of no regrets, my heart throb, my confidant, my prayer partner, my pastor, my coach, my hero, my mentor, my sanctified and consecrated boyfriend. Sometimes I wonder where I would have been if I had missed you. You have added so much value to my life and to that of our physical and biological children across the globe. You have poured so much into my life and have amplified my voice to make a global impact. Partnering together with you on this kingdom assignment has made the journey sweeter, happier, more glorious and more impactful. You have supported me in uncommon ways to come this far. You have given me wings to fly to my destiny. It gives you great joy just watching all of us that you mentor excel in all ramifications. Happy birthday my love, Happy birthday my Sweetie of no regrets.

Family, pls help me celebrate my one and Only, our Sweet daddy, Prof Mosy Madugba. Happy birthday Sir.                                                                  From Rev. Dr. (Mrs.) Gloria Madugba




Happy Birthday to my Father, you are Heavens gift of Mercy and grace to my life and ministry and family. You gave me wings to fly. Your coaching and trainings have shaped my life in righteousness, power and leadership!!!
Your faith and boldness has influenced me greatly
I am eternally grateful to your covering and Mentorship that is undeniably evident .
You are a major reason men and nations believe in me!            I Love You my father!! Happy birthday, May your Harvest go beyond generations unborn
You are indeed an uncommon gift to us!!
Happy birthday my father, my father

  From Uche Juan Augustine & TSM family






There was a man sent from God and it was my privilege to have met him at an ordained place and time over four decades ago. He sucked me in and introduced me to gospel music, ministry, leadership, spiritual authority, sermon preparation and delivery and many more. He has played a major role in every aspect of my life since then and still does. He is many things to many people around the world but he is my spiritual father, mentor, coach and facilitator.
Today, as we celebrate his special day, it’s my honour to wish him long life, good health, more grace, unction for the journey ahead and the fulfilment of destiny in Jesus name. Amen.
Daddy, Congratulations and happy birthday.   






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